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Our Culture

We empower

From day one, we provide you with ownership, room for creativity and all the resources you need to achieve second-to-none results and showcase your work. Freedom and responsibility are core principles for Rocket and part of our DNA. Are you ready to create?

Make an impact.

We work with great minds

Establishing many successful companies has made us a highly professional team that grows with every new challenge that comes its way. We believe that having a diverse mix of personalities enriches our company. Regardless of how you like to do things, you’ll become an essential asset within a team of experts.

Learn with and from the best.

We think bigger

Our mission is to become the world’s largest Internet platform outside of the US and China. Building winning companies with some of the best entrepreneurs worldwide enables us to be a brand leader and pioneer at the same time.

Want to think bigger?

We are a truly global network

Operating in a large number of countries around the globe allows more than 36,000 people to share their expertise. This vast think tank of entrepreneurship and technology evolves every day. When will you join it?

Connect to our knowledge.

We are international

Working at Rocket, you will be part of our multicultural, international community and enrich a team from over 45 countries. We think internationally and love to switch between languages, from PHP to Portuguese.

Become a part of our Rocket family.