Rocket leverages its global brand to recruit unique talent for its most important projects.
Joana Hanemann / Director People Operations

Join our Human Resources department to take ownership of discovering global talent and help craft high quality teams. We are committed to the development of our staff and the maximization of the Rocket workforce, running vital training and orientation programs. We also provide crucial support by fostering employee engagement and ensuring talent management. In our team you will have the opportunity to take ownership of your role from day one: forging your own impact upon the optimization of Rocket's HR.

Our daily tasks involve approaching new Rockets on social media platforms and events, screening applications and conducting job interviews as well as working closely with talent acquisition agencies to create campaigns that will expand our network. Tailor sourcing strategies, maintain great candidate relationships and use data analytics to influence business decisions. By sharing our knowledge, we also help new companies establish their own HR departments, to ensure they are able to successfully operate independently. Support individuals to maximize team potential and influence outstanding results.

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