July 4, 2017

Success of an On-Demand Staffing Platform in Singapore – Over 10,000 Downloads in Less than a Month of App Release

Singapore, July 4, 2017 - UShift’s App has revolutionized the practice of applying for jobs and hiring of workers. Unlike most online job platforms, UShift matches jobs according to jobseekers’ interests and qualifications using machine learning algorithms that consolidates the data of worker's previous job experiences and performances.


The App has a promising future with it’s user-base doubling within the first two weeks of its launch. UShift utilizes geo localization technology which allow users to conveniently search for jobs in their preferred location. It also provides an inbox private messaging service for both employers and jobseekers. This further enhances the convenience experiences of both the jobseekers and employers. With a touch of a button, one applies for the job and UShift automates the hiring process by matching businesses with highly qualified and reliable candidates.


Aside from jobseekers, many well known brands such as Dior, SPH, Pandora and FoodPanda are using UShift daily. They have praised them for the affordability, convenience and excellence it provides as they never fail to find quality and reliable candidates from UShift.


The App has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback as the retention rate of employers is currently 80% Month Over Month. These vibrant reflections of the company’s success have caused Robinson Blankaert, CEO of UShift, to further contemplate expanding UShift across South East Asia in the very near future.


UShift will contribute to our society’s development and change towards the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Human Resource.


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About UShift
UShift connects employers with locally available, and previously vetted, hourly-waged workers. The company replaces the traditional temp agencies with technology and cutting out the old interviews processes. UShift was founded in 2017 by Robinson Blanckaert and Philippe Benedetti and is backed by the Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG), a Joint Venture between Rocket Internet and Ooredoo.


The Asia Pacific Internet Group (www.apacig.com) is a joint venture of Rocket Internet and Ooredoo. The group’s network consists of 16 e-Commerce and online marketplace companies, operating across 15 countries. Since it was founded in 2014, APACIG has become the leading online platform in Asia, building top internet companies in the region.