Optimize all aspects of finance in a complex and global environment. Lead structuring, reporting, treasury, M&A and advice local companies.
10 Positions
Assist companies to win over the marketplace in terms of speed, cost, reliability and scalability of operations.
2 Positions
Business Services
Imagine the work-environment of tomorrow and make it happen. Implement systems and services, manage facilities and coordinate organisational activities for the Rocket Tower.
1 Position
Lead young companies to success in a dynamic and challenging business environment. Benefit from Rocket’s powerful network of companies, investors and partners.
1 Position
Utilize multiple channels to sustain effective communication both internally and externally in order to successfully drive Rocket’s reputation.
1 Position
Human Resources
Identify talent and consult teams in order to maximize their potential and lead the next winning start-ups.
2 Positions
Advise and negotiate on the contractual solutions of the future. Co-ordinate the legal strategies that will impact the success of our companies. ​​​​​​​
2 Positions
Venture Development
Develop start-ups and grow diverse business models around the world. Rapidly gain insight and master the skills that entrepreneurs of technology companies require.
1 Position
Develop and implement multi-channel growth strategies to acquire and retain customers worldwide. Support the growth of our companies in every vertical and in each stage of maturity, from initial market research to global scale.
1 Position

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All our decisions are made as a team: everyone who has been involved in the recruiting process - the managers, the recruiter, the team and so on - have a say in the final decision.

Yes, the Recruiter who conducts the HR phone screening is closely aligned with the hiring manager and can answer any general questions you may have. Furthermore, in the final round, you will get the opportunity to meet the team during the face-to-face interview.

The recruiters will assess your motivation, general competencies, and cultural fit. Furthermore, they will discuss key topics with you: such as salary expectations, potential start dates as well as relocation and visa topics. The interviews with the manager or the team typically include more specific questions on your technical expertise and whether your knowledge is relevant to our culture.

The HR phone screening will last around 30 minutes. The subsequent interviews with the hiring managers can take up to an hour and a half.

The recruiting process can be different for each position that you apply for. A typical process consists of: A phone/skype interview, a case study or work example, an interview with the manager and an interview with the team. Your recruiter contact will explain the whole process to you and share the LinkedIn profiles of the people you will meet during the interviews.

Make it clear, concise and logical to read and emphasize relevant experience. If you don’t have time, you can also apply with your LinkedIn Profile.